Hello, and welcome


First, thank you. When you’re running any kind of organisation we know there are a number of demands on your time and money and we’re hugely appreciative that you’ve chosen to spend both with us.

Second, welcome. We’re Michael and Robbie and we’ve created this course based on our combined 30 years experience working with organisations of all shapes and sizes. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients on commercial projects, in workshops and as coaches and mentors and we’ve witnessed time and again the stunningly simple value of being able to effectively explain what you do (and why that matters).

Organisations that can tell their story effectively find it easier to:

  • Make sales 💵
  • Attract talent 🏆
  • Secure investment 💰
  • Focus on the hundreds of other jobs that need doing 🤯

Those that struggle get stuck in limbo with an often great product they can’t get anyone to understand, fighting for survival when they should be celebrating success.

Of course, there are many things you need at the heart of your business - a great product, great team, a lot of luck - and a great story can only get you so far, but you’d be surprised how useful refining your pitch can be in re-considering and improving every aspect of your business.

How this course will work:

There are two sections of the course live right now (and we'd love you to get stuck in straight away). The rest will go live day-by-day over the next week, meaning you can have a dramatically improved brand story in just one week. 🗓.

Every section includes some theory to set the scene but this is essentially a practical course. Our goal is not for you just to learn lots of clever things but to do lots of useful things. As such, the structure allows you to go as far as you want with it and it works for new ideas, recent start-ups, social enterprises and charities, and businesses that have been operating for a while but want to rethink their approach and scale up.

We’ve tested this via real world workshops, at world class institutions like The British Library, for over two years and have seen organisations of all shapes and sizes benefit so we know the ideas we're going to share with you work.

By committing an hour (or more, you can always do more!) of your time every day to the lessons and then applying them in your day-to-day work we promise you’ll start seeing tangible value in your business. This won't only be in pitching effectively, but in using that pitch to shape everything your organisation does from your look and feel to your approach to customer service and even your future business strategy.

The course is designed and optimised for the Teachable website when accessed through a desktop browser, but it is fully responsive for viewing on a mobile or tablet. You can also use Teachable iOS app to access the basic content of the course on the go.

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