Hello, and welcome

First, thank you. When you’re running any kind of organisation we know there are a number of demands on your time and we’re hugely appreciative that you’ve chosen to spend some with us.

Second, welcome.  If you’re running an organisation of any shape or size and struggling to get people excited about what you do, then we’re about to make your life a whole lot easier…

Story Cube is a framework that will help you explain what you do. That’s it, in a nutshell. But if you break that nut open and get at it’s soft fleshy insides, then you’ll realise that being able to tell an effective story about what you do gives you much, much more value than might first meet the eye:

  • Want to build a valuable brand? Tell a compelling story.
  • Want to close sales? Tell a compelling story.
  • Want to attract talent? Tell a compelling story.

It also makes it easier to brief partners, pitch for investment and explain to your family what it is you actually do. In fact, we’re of the view that a well crafted, effective story is really a strategy in silk pyjamas because both, done properly, are about understanding with complete clarity how you deliver value to your customers, clients and users. And that is the beating heart of every growing organisation. 

We created Story Cube to take these squishy concepts of brand, story, strategy and marketing and turn them into something easy to manage that would make sense to, well, anyone.

So whether you're just starting out or have been around for decades, and whether you are looking to build a multi-million dollar empire, or grow a charity or social enterprise, then this is for you.

Story Cube was inspired by 30 years of combined experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes and, having further tested it with 1000s of organisations in its current form, we’re confident it works the way we intended (and we’re frankly chuffed that in our requests for feedback 100% say they would recommend the framework). 

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