Why Story Cube?

Before we get stuck in, it will be useful to see where we're coming from, and a useful first question is "Why Story Cube?"

Let's start with 'story'...

You story is the foundation on which everything else is built. If you get it wrong, then everything you pile on top won't be quite right either: your look and feel and other design elements, your tone of voice, your marketing and, ultimately, your ability to generate sales or otherwise create value.

It's like steering a ship. If you're just one degree off setting out from Port it doesn't seem much, but by the time you're at the end of your journey, you could be hundreds of miles away from where you wanted to land. The same is true of your aspirations for your organisation.

However, it's worth saying that your story itself is built on a deeper foundation:

  1. Work hard 😅
  2. Get lucky 🍀

We see luck as no more than hard work multiplied by time, so the two really do go hand in hand, but they are crucial ingredients. The information in this course, and your story or brand (or anything you else you do), isn't the silver bullet that leads to success. You need to put in the hours. But since you're here, we're fairly confident you're doing that part. Which is great. We hope to make your struggles a little easier.

And why cube?

The Story Cube isn't just a neat name, it's a very neat shape with six sides, i.e. a cube. And that's for a very important reason, though this is where we get a little conceptual on you!

The struggle we've seen a lot of people face with their brand, their story and sometimes their whole ambition to run a successful organisation, is that they're overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the task. 🤯

And that's OK. Maybe that's you. It was certainly us once. And so we created the idea of the cube to show that everything really is literally and actually part of one solid whole. A cube you can envisage and even hold in your hands (we'll get to that). Because if you can do that, you can internalise it and actually make use of it every day. It's also a cube, because it can then physically act as that building block on which you start to tower all the other things you do, as outlined above.