Is this for me?

We’ve created this course as a set of fundamental principles that sit at the heart of all kinds of successful organisations no matter how they operate, what they do or where they are in their journey.

But saying that this course is for ‘everyone’ is a bit of a cop out (and terrible practice, as you’ll see later on...)

So, more specifically:

This course is designed for people who struggle to explain what they do.

The effects of not being able to explain what you do can be various:

  • You might struggle to make sales 💵
  • You might find it hard to brief designers or other collaborators 🎨
  • You might find you’re stuck for what to say in networking situations and so miss out on opportunities 💬
  • You might miss out on the best talent or partnerships 🧠
  • You might find it tough to motivate your team (and yourself) 📢
  • You might not have the confidence to pitch for funding so you can grow faster 🙊
  • You might not be able to explain to friends and family why you’re risking everything for a new venture 😳

It could be any or all of these things and indeed you might have your own challenges unique to your situation. The point is, if you find it hard to explain succinctly and clearly what you do, you’ll find other critical things hard as well. We don't think this needs to be the case.

Stories are for everyone.

Because we’re going to solve this issue by helping you tell a clear brand story this course is also relevant no matter what kind of organisation you have or what stage you’re at.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a lifestyle business with only a few, or even no, staff or you want to build a high growth multi-billion dollar behemoth.

Neither does it matter if profit is your main goal, or you’re planning to make more of a social impact. Indeed, this course is even relevant for charities and other organisations that wouldn’t ordinarily think of themselves as businesses. You just need a requirement to ‘sell’ yourself to others.

And finally, while we expect many of you will be at the start of your journey, the course is just as useful for organisations who’ve been around a while and have lost their way, or are looking to revitalise. Whoever you are, we believe Story Cube can help you make more sales, attract the best talent, pitch confidently and so much more.

All we ask is you’re willing to put in time ⏱and effort 😅to see results.

That’s it.

We’re not going to suggest you have to spend thousands of pounds of budget 💰, or recruit a huge team to help you (also 💰!), but we are going to be clear that success doesn’t come overnight; it takes a bit of graft and a bit of time. But with the right approach and the right tools we’ll help you ensure all that effort pays off.