Is this for me?

As you learned in the last section, Story Cube has its roots in a series of ‘Branding on a Budget’ workshops we ran for The British Library from 2018.

Even then, we had a clear motivation to make brand storytelling totally accessible to organisations of all shapes and sizes.

And that’s continued as we developed Story Cube into a series of online courses, sprints and webinars we’ve now delivered to thousands of individuals and organisations all across the world who want to explain themselves more clearly so they can pitch, inspire and sell with ease. And much else. 

If you’re still not sure this is for you, let’s take a moment to look at who we’ve designed this course for, and what you should expect to get out of it.

🤔 Who is Story Cube for? Anyone who wants to explain what they do.

Which could mean you’re one of the following:

  • Founders/Owners of businesses, social enterprises and charities
  • Entrepreneurs who want to improve their knowledge of branding and storytelling
  • People with responsibility for marketing, design or communications in any organisation
  • Anyone with an idea or side hustle they want to test, improve, launch and grow
  • Anyone starting a new project within a larger organisation who wants to be heard
  • Students and freelancers looking to for an easy to use framework for branding

🧐 What can Story Cube do? Help you explain what you do to get people on board.

Which, of course could mean a number of things:

  • Help you to secure sales by communicating clear value to customers or clients
  • Ensure all staff are promoting your organisation in the same way
  • Make it easier to brief and work with partners (e.g. designers, PR companies etc)
  • Pitch with complete confidence whether to investors or at events
  • Detail the importance of what you do to motivate staff or even attract new talent
  • Make sense of your ambitions to get colleagues, friends and family on board

If you’re any of the people above, with any of the challenges above, then we’re about to make your life a lot easier.

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