Exercise: Pitch it


This is a practical course. While we’ll cover some theory as we go along you’ll never be far away from a chance to really get your hands dirty and do something.

Hopefully the Health Check gave you some things to think about but we need to remember that our own opinions can be a little fuzzy without some checks and balances.

When it comes to understanding the quality of your own work it can help to hold a mirror up to your story...

So that’s what we’re going to do now through three exercises that push a little further each time.

Write it...

📝Write your elevator pitch in fewer than 100 words, take a break for 5 minutes, then read it back and annotate the text with your thoughts as you go. What works? What doesn’t? Try it again (and as many times as feel valuable).

For inspiration check out Airbnb's first pitch deck over 10 years ago.

Also, here's a couple we made earlier for Story Cube to give you some ideas for your own version...

Story Cube - Write it examples.pdf

Film it...

🎬Make a 60 second video of your pitch on your phone (you may need a few goes until you’re happy, that’s OK). Watch it back. What do you notice? You might want to save this somewhere safe to compare your story telling abilities here to those you’ve developed in a week or so. This can be incredibly illuminating.

For inspiration, check out this video from Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com over 20 years ago.

Check it...

📞Phone a friend (or more than one if you like) and ask them to listen to your pitch. Ask them what they heard, what stood out and anything that confused them. Did they have any questions? Did they want to know more? An easy way to check this is to ask them to explain back to you what they heard. You might be surprised what assumptions you’ve made, or how certain phrases or ideas in your story are received by other people (for good and bad!)

Once you’ve done all that you should have a very clear idea of where you are with your story. If you want to redo the Health Check then go for it (there’s a link in the email to edit your scores). Most importantly however, don’t panic. Whatever gaps or holes or struggles you spotted going through this we’re going to work on them over the coming days.

The next session will go live tomorrow.

You’ve started, and that’s often the hardest part 🙌🎉