What is Story Cube?

So that’s us and that, we hope, is you. But what *is* Story Cube?

Well, it’s a framework. That’s probably the best way to describe it. Six specific things we want you to think about that will form a rich, meaningful and effective story capturing the value of your brand.


The problem you solve 💔,

The solution you provide 🛠,

What differentiates you from other solutions 🤩,

What motivates you 🙌,

How you connect with and reach your audience 🤝,

How you deal with obstacles that might come your way 💣.

If you can answer these in detail, then you can explain what you do effectively. And this course will help you do that.

Here’s another video going into more detail on why we called it Story Cube, including some thoughts on the power of stories (and what they are, and are not) and the importance of building a solid platform for your brand.

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