What is Story Cube?

Story Cube.jpg

In this course, we’re going to use the Story Cube to help you tell the story of your organisation.

You might want to call this your brand story, your strategy or even your ‘world-domination-narrative’.

That’s up to you.

What it is, ultimately, is the things you’re going to say when someone asks you to explain what you do. It’s simple, but eternally valuable.


The cube has six sides each side representing a core element of your story:

  • Motivations (why you’re doing what you’re doing) 🙌
  • Problem (what problem you solve and how you’ve validated it) 💔
  • Solution (how you solve the problem) 🔨
  • Connections (who your customers are and how you reach them) 🔍
  • Differentiators (what makes you stand out from the competition) 🤩
  • Obstacles (what challenges you could face on your journey) 💣

Why a cube?

The Story Cube is a concept we’ve devised but we’re not going to claim that these questions are new or magical. In fact, if you’ve spent any time trying to work out how to tell a brand’s story, you’ll likely have come across some or all of these before - what works works...

As such, we’ve found that the value of the cube and our course is two fold.

First, by thinking of your story as a solid object you can literally visualise yourself holding it, passing it around and building on top of it (there’s a template for the cube to download below so you can do this for real, and we’d encourage you to). It might sound silly, but this kind of visualisation can be really helpful in getting to grips with your story.

Second, we’ve worked hard to give you practical, easy to follow exercises to get stuck into answering the questions posed on each side of the cube. It’s all very well and good identifying the ingredients of your brand story, but it’s just as important to help you find them.

Completing your Story Cube is at the heart of this course. Once you’ve done that we’ll explore how you can best use your brand story to tackle the kind of common business and organisational challenges discussed in the last section.

Next, an exercise...

Story Cube - Template.pdf